Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Books, Bikes, and Bonas

Hi everyone. I am just getting used to this thing and have to write something to test it, so here are some random musings and an update as to what i have been doing lately.

Had a GREAT time biking htis past weekend. I did the MS 150 (although I chose the 164 mile option) from Pittsburgh to Lake Erie. It was super fun and even went faster than I expected. I was sad to see it end! Would haev liked a few more days! HIGHLY recommended! I am already looking for another ride to do.

BTW I got to meet cool people (who just happened to be fast bikers!) and got to spread the word Risten to New England :) Remember risten is the combination of read and listen ;)

Speaking of ristening, I have been ristening to many books of late. Almost all of them have been really good! I finished Of Mice and Men, which was short and well written but depressing. I am about 50% done with the Teller of Tales: the Life of Arthur Conan Doyle. Surprisingly good! I Really liked Bleachers by John Grisham. In fact I liked it so much I ristened to it twice! Different but almost as good is Naked in Baghdad which gives the view of Baghdad before and during the war began through the eyes of NPR's Anne Garrells. I also liked Trojan Odyssey Clive Cussler which was a nice break. And of course I am ristening to Lance Armstrong's Every Second Counts. But the top book so far this year remains An Imperfect God. It is GREAT. It is about George Washington and slavery. A trillion "if onlys" and "wow I did not know that". Best book since "April 1865." (yes with the exception of April 1865, all of those have been read or ristened to in the past two months!)

oh and I am almost done with what I call the Endorsement paper. We find that when athletes do good things (win a MVP, big championship, or set a world record) the stock price of their sponsors goes up. When they do bad things (seriously injured or arrested), the stock price goes down. It is almost done. Stay tuned.

Oh and nes from Bonas...lets see, constrcution on teh new fitness center continues. We have to rename it. Why not Richter Hall. We do not need two RCs (PSU has two BABs and it causes confusion). FTR here is a link to the webcam of the new fitness center.


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HistoryProf said...

An Imperfect God is a good book.
Really took a new look at Washington and demonstrated, in a readably way, the centrality of slavery to the American economy and society. Try Edmund Morgan's American Slavery, American Freedom. It's older but still good.

On more recent times, what do you think of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat?