Tuesday, June 22, 2004

What to do??

Ok, FinanceProfessors, I need some advice. I submitted a paper last july (as in July 2003) to a journal and despite several emails back and forth with the editor and several promises to have a decision "soon" (in October), "by January" (in December) or "by Monday" in April, I have yet to hear anything.

A few weeks ago I wrote asking for the paper back so that I can submit it elsewhere. (Mind you it has not been rejected, just no decision at all!) and as of this AM the editor has still not gotten back to me.

Mind you this is the same editor that lost (yes lost) another of my papers last year. Needless to say I am not recommending sending papers to this Journal (I will tell you which one in a private email if you ask).

So do I just write it off? Send it to another Journal? Or do I continue to hound the editor? or ????

thanks in advance!

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