Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Enron Sites for class use!

HoustonChronicle.com - Hot Topic: Enron: "ENRON COVERAGE FROM BEGINNING TO END"

Looking for Enron coverage? Given the recent arrest of Ken Lay, the problems facing Jeff Skilling, and Lea Fastow's jail time, it is worthy to look back to see how the story has developed.

So my top three list:

1. The Houston Chronicle continues to have the best coverage of the collapse of Enron and a scorecard of who is in jail, who is facing trial, etc.

2. The BBC has great coverage of the scandal. While they offer a better perspective, they lack some of the details of the Houston Chronicle site.

3. FindLaw is very good. It is surprisingly detailed and very interesting! Maybe a bit much for an introductory class, but excellent!

I will definitely be using these to help my students learn about what is arguably the most important finance story since the crash of 1987.

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