Friday, July 02, 2004

I'm back! and Happy July 4th!

Hi again....took a small vacation to Virginia and Gettysburg PA. It was fun. Biked 118 miles on Monday. Very pretty course from Abingdon Virginia.

On the way back stopped at JMU and PSU. Both the schools and the surrounding areas are testimony to why I hate sprawl. What had been great college towns are turning into cities with traffic problems and chain stores everywhere :(

I should have the summer newsletter out right after Independence Day (July 4th). It will have more research and fewer news stories.

Oh, I almost forgot, do you remember the great newsletters from Erisk? Well they ceased publishing them, but now a few of their former employees (including Duncan Woods) have started a new site on bank managment. Definitely check it out!!!

Ok, well I better get to work on the newsletter.

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