Friday, July 09, 2004

MSNBC - Michael Rigas fraud case ends in mistrial

MSNBC - Michael Rigas fraud case ends in mistrial: "The case against former Adelphia Communications Corp. Operations chief Michael Rigas ended in a mistrial Friday with jurors deadlocked on 17 counts against him"

I am surprised. Having written (with Carol Fischer) 2 cases on the problems at Adelphia, I guess I am somewhat of an expert on this and I thought they all would be found guilty. So what is next? Look for a new trial to start in mid October to retry Michael Rigas.

Of course business is still going on at Adelphia (indeed I am currently connected on an Adelphia internet connection and watching TV over Adelphia cable. While corporate officials (the firm is now headquartered in Denver) say it is business as usual, most employees acknowledge the firm is up for sale.


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