Friday, November 05, 2004

House Cleaning

When I started I envisioned it largely as a repository of summary articles. Well things changed some, but in my mind at least, the heart of the page is still the summary section (of which I sort of include the newsletters).

That said, a lack of time has often intervened, but finally I got around to partially updating the short summaries for Corporate Finance. It does not yet have the more recent blog entries (I will get to that next week?) but I think you will like what is done. Next comes the Investment Summaries--Stay tuned.

Also while my FinanceClass blog is really aimed at my own students, today's guest lecture by Anthony Annunziato was so good that it may interest others of you.

It was 90% Finance and 10% life. So even if you do not particularly care what he said about finance, hearing from a man who ran one day and was paralyzed the next is moving. He was in 6 different hospitals for 17 weeks! He is now back healthy and working as an energy trader. But he definitely reminds us that there is more to life than account balances.

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