Thursday, November 25, 2004

A look around at a few blogs

Last week before going to the Southern Economics conference in New Orleans, I noticed the SportsEconomist (who I had the good fortune of meeting in New Orleans) did an blog reading by quickly discussing a few of the interesting stories he had been reading on other blogs (including FinanceProfessor :) . Well, I liked the idea so much, here is my version of the same.

Jeff Horton at Synergyfest has a summary of Malmendier and Tate's article showing that over-confident CEO's invest more (too much) in capital projects. How did I miss that article? I had never seen it but it definitely is an important one! One question: is it over confidence or stupidity that leads to the CEO holding onto options beyond the rational point of exercise. This is important as it is on this variable that over-confidence was defined.

Cyberlibris has a good article article on blogging in academia. It comes from a conference session on blogging and lists 11 key points out of the session and concludes that blogging is an excellent tool to use in academia. BTW I was totally set on posting a link to the article before I saw my name!!! In fact it was one of those "wow, how cool is that moments!"

And finally two articles from the Marginal Revolution
1. For Thanksgiving, a look back at the key economic decision that made the early colonialists (that is the so-called Pilgrims) succesful. Key point? Capitalism instead of Communism!

"When the Pilgrims first arrived at Plymouth rock they promptly set about creating a communist society. Of course, they were soon starving to death.

Fortunately, "after much debate of things," Governor William Bradford ended corn collectivism, decreeing that each family should keep the corn that it produced....[Ending corn collectivism] had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use...."

2. How can it be that while medical costs are increasing, the costs of laser eye surgery are falling?! Could it be because insurance often does not pay for laser surgery? You bet!

Happy reading!

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