Monday, December 20, 2004

Congratulations to SSRN

From the desk of Michael C. Jensen: "SSRN is a collaborative of over 800 scholars worldwide who contribute their services"

I am sure many of you saw this already, but if not, I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to all who work on and help SSRN. But of course I would like to add special thanks to Michael Jensen and Wayne Marr. Their idea has really revolutionized the way research is distributed. I can only imagine how difficult doing somehting like this blog would be without their efforts.

So thank you and congrats a your ten-year anniversary!!

From Micheal Jensen: "SSRN's objective is to provide worldwide distribution of research to authors and their readers and to facilitate communication among them at the lowest possible cost. In pursuit of this objective, we allow authors to upload papers without charge. And any paper an author uploads to SSRN is downloadable for free, worldwide. We allow publishers and other institutions to charge users for downloading papers while encouraging them to charge fees that are as low as possible. Our rule is that the price for such papers on SSRN must be equal to or below the lowest price that such papers are available anywhere on the web to non-subscribers. The vast majority of downloads of papers from the SSRN eLibrary are free. In addition, SSRN provides free subscriptions to all of our abstracting journals to users in developing countries on request."

Congrats and keep up the great work!

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