Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I received the following from Jean Heck the Editor of the Journal of Financial Literature

From Jean Heck:

"Want to know who are the most productive finance academics over the
past half-century? The facts can be found in a forthcoming paper in
the new Journal of Finance Literature (JFL). See the rankings of the
most frequent contributors to 72 finance journals over the past 50
years - broken down by top-tier journals, the core-sixteen journals
and all 72 finance journals.

Would you like to rapidly, and easily search the table of contents of
every finance journal ever published over the past 50 years. You can
only do that by subscribing to the new Journal of Finance Literature -
an online searchable database of nearly 50,000 finance journal
references. And access is free to JFL subscribers.
Go to and sample the database.

Access is open to all for the next two weeks so you can see the
benefits of being a Journal of Finance Literature subscriber.
And you surely don’t want to miss out on your copy of the Finance
Literature Index (reference of every finance article ever published in
alphabetical order by author). Only available to subscribers.
Hurry! The inaugural issue is going to press now and will be in the
mail next month.....

Have questions? Feel free to email me."

Jean Heck, Editor Journal of Finance LiteratureVillanova University"

I would add that I am sure many of you are familiar with Jean's work from the Financial Literature Index. I have zero doubt that his new endeaveor will prove equally helpful to us all.
Good Luck!

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