Monday, February 28, 2005

Interested in Islamic Finance? Interested in going to Australia?

This sounds like quite the opportunity for some of you!

Afshan Mantoo is organizing a conference in Melbourne Australia on Islamic Finance. And the best part? Some expenses may be paid for qualified participants! What could be better? A finance conference in Australia that is partially paid!

She is looking for those interested in participating. Obviously you must be qualified to speak on Islamic finance and you should be fluent in English.

If you know of an Islamic Finance expert or if you are one yourself, please contact Afshan Mantoo.

BTW I would like to add my congratulations to Afshan for being named citizen of the year in Moreland AU. To quote the article:

"Afshan Mantoo has been the driving force behind the Islamic Girls and Women’s Group, a not-for-profit group in Moreland that addresses social, economic, justice and employment issues.

Afshan has been praised by people of many faiths and backgrounds, and her history of involving people from different faiths supports the diversity that we hold dear in Moreland,” Cr Higginbotham said."

Afsan Mantoo may be contacted by email.

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