Monday, February 07, 2005

What happened to the people at Drexel? Tie to MLB

On the 15th anniversary of Drexel's demise The New York Times has an interesting article on what happened to those who worked there.

You may have kept tabs on Milken:

"Michael R. Milken, the firm's legendary junk-bond trader, was indicted on 98 charges, including racketeering. He later pleaded guilty to six felony counts, paid $600 million in fines and restitution and served two years in prison." Mr. Milken, who has since survived cancer, established two major foundations devoted to cancer research and become a major investor in an education initiative, Knowledge Universe Inc."

But what about the others? Many of them landed on their feet and are doing very well.

"Interviews with more than two dozen former employees showed that, far from being embarrassed by their connection to Drexel, most retain an almost cultlike devotion to the firm and much of what it stood for. Few of them were crucial players in building Drexel's core franchise, junk bonds. And few of them were especially close to Milken."

Interesting! I had no idea of what happened to the rest of them at Drexel. I guess I should have--one now owns the Milwaukee Brewers!

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