Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The New York Times Deal Book

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The NY Times Deal Book is by far my favorite business news newsletter. It is so great. It gives a look at all of the major stories and links to them. For instance, among the many stories in today's newsletter were stories on:

The Deal.com gives us an update on the Japanese banking sector:

I"t has taken Japan nearly 15 years to restructure the big banks that helped set off a vicious cycle of asset inflation in the 1980s that left the country mired in deflation."

The Guardian reports in the PartyGaming IPO.

"The quartet of two Indian computer engineers plus an American former porn entrepreneur and her husband will now collect a combined £1bn in cash and retain stakes collectively worth £3.5bn."

USAToday points out that "Over the objections of several former commissioners and his Senate overseers, Donaldson is pressing ahead with plans to re-approve a controversial rule adopted in 2004 that would force mutual funds to hire independent chairmen. The rule was nullified last week when a federal appeals court said the SEC violated the Administrative Procedure Act by not addressing the question of how much the rule would cost mutual fund companies.

Donaldson, who championed the rule throughout his 28-month tenure as SEC chair,..."

and those are only a few of the very good and very useful articles.

I definitely recommend signing up for DealBook!

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