Sunday, September 11, 2005

Are casinos really important for national security?

Don't do it France! I hope they come to their senses. This would entrench management even more.

French Anti-Takeover Plan Under Fire: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "A soon-to-be-published decree, touted by ministers after rumors of a PepsiCo Inc. bid for French food company Danone SA provoked a political outcry in July, would give the government a veto over takeovers in 10 industries deemed sensitive to national security.

Sectors on the list, already confirmed by the Finance Ministry, include several over which most states retain tight control, such as arms manufacturing and encryption.

But the decree also covers companies with activities in biotechnology, data security, casinos and antidote production -- fueling concern that it could lead to a broader kind of protectionism."

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Didier Joannas said...

Do not worry, most provisions are already included in the European treaties and if France were to pass anti-competitive new regulation they would eventually be sued.

As far as Casinos are concerned, regulation is so strict in France that whether they pass a new law or not will not change anything: try to open a casino in France under the current laws!!