Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Finance Conferences: FMA and SFA

Finance conferences are great learning opportunities. Unfortunately the vast majority of people interested in finance do not get to experience these conferences since they are largely for academics.

So, I will try to bring the Financial Management Association and the Southern Finance Association's Annual meetings to you.

Each is an excellent conference and the programs are now online. Over the next few months I will try and review papers from each conference.

So even if you can not be there, you can experience some of the papers.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any advice for us young, green PhD students on how to meet people at FMA? I went to New Orleans last year with some of my classmates and ended up just talking to them for pretty much the whole conference. I know networking is important, but UGH how do you manage to break in?

Anonymous said...

The best way to meet people is to be involved in a session as a paper presenter or discussant, or to come up afterwards from the audience and have an informed discussion with the presenters. I know this is hard for a PhD student, but this is how you're going to make your living.