Monday, November 28, 2005

New Email Service

Once again you guys have come to the rescue!

I mentioned that many people had requested an emailed newsletter since they could not access blogspot from work. Jeff from MBA Depot suggested Feedblitz. It is great. It allows you sign up and receive emails of the most recent blog entries.

In their words:
"It's easy too! No gurus required. The basic service is free to all - no restrictions, no ads. Plus, you can subscribe to any blog or RSS feed by email with FeedBlitz, even if that blog does not use FeedBlitz itself."

You should notice a sign-up box on the right of the blog (at least in Firefox, it sometimes is near the bottom in Internet Explorer). All you have to do is to enter your email address and click on the link they provide for you in email! So easy!

here, I will replicate the box here as well:

Enter your Email

Powered by FeedBlitz

Hope this helps. I will still try to get the newsletter out, but this will be a useful alternative!

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