Thursday, December 15, 2005 - More funds lower fees after scandal in 2003

YEAH!!! Fees and expenses eat away large portions of your "nest egg" over the long haul, so every cut is a good thing! - More funds lower fees after scandal in 2003: "Fund-tracker Lipper says 2,830 funds reduced their management fees in 2004, compared with 622 that did so in 2003.

Those fee reductions were not one-time cuts but contractual agreements with the funds' investment advisers, which manage the funds' assets.

The median stock fund charged investors 1.45% of assets for expenses in 2004, Lipper says, down from 1.50% in 2003"

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muckdog said...

The interesting thing here, is that with ETFs becoming more popular, it is putting pressure on funds to lower fees. But on the otherhand, now we're getting "managed" ETFs, which have a higher cost structure than the index ETFs.

Interesting, eh?