Saturday, March 25, 2006

What I am reading

Back in the day when I put out a regular newsletter, one of the favorite sections was always the "what I am reading" section. Since I have a few minutes, I will revive it.

I am about 3/4's done with The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs. The book is simultaneously looks at 1. what makes developing economies (now and in the past) tick, 2. Sach's personal experiences with economies and governments around the globe, and 3. and his prescriptions to end extreme poverty by the end of this generation.

It is surprisingly good: at once both interesting and informative and even has an introduction by Bono. Definitely a positive NPV!

I am also ristening to Bona grad Neil Cavuto's Your Money or Your Life. It is a series of his editorials. They are OK. Not great, but well done none-the-less. I agree with his tax position, not necessarily on some of his other topics.

Also reading Team of Rivals which is really really good. It is about Lincoln and his cabinet. Finally I just finished ristening to 1491. Which was excellent!

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