Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A "before-semester time-out"

Hi everyone...

I haven't written about "non finance things" in a while and figured before classes would be a good time to say hello and let you know that this week will not have many posts.

Things are going well on this end. Busy, but that is a good thing right? ;) However, like most things busyness is good only in moderation.

Why? Hhave you ever fell way behind and started to feel you could not catch up? Be it in racing, school work, or just your daily chores? Isn't it an awful feeling? always feeling guilty something is not being done, but almost powerless to get any more done.

For me, that was much of the last school year. I want to avoid that feeling this year and with classes starting this coming week, I am going to take the opportunity to catch up on as much as possible. I have two papers I have to review for editors and would like to put finishing touches on one of my own papers. Additionally I need to do syllabi etc for classes.

Rather than promise too much and deliver too little, I think I will take off this week from blogging on FinanceProfessor.

Now of course that may change and I may put up some short articles, but longer reviews will have to wait until I get caught up on things. I just do not want to start what promises to be a busy semester already way behind.

And in the mean time, enjoy the last days of break! Summer goes way too fast, take some time to enjoy it! Go for a hike, stop at the local farmers' market, or just "take some time to smell the flowers."

Speaking of nature and fun things, why not check out some of my favorite pictures from Flickr. There is no finance content and they were not taken by me, but they are really cool. I can not help but get in a good mood whenever I look at them.

Thanks and I'll be back to blogging in a week (or less!).


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