Monday, January 29, 2007

Financial Engineering News - January/February 2007

Looking for a finance-ethics case for class? Or just trying to learn more about what happened at HP? Financial Engineering News has you covered!

Financial Engineering News - January/February 2007:

A few quick look-ins:
"Even after Fiorina's victory on the merger and proxy challenges, the HP board continually heard complaints from employees and officers about Fiorina's autocratic style, her rock-star-iconic appearances at non-company events, and the increasingly horizontal structure of the company, with Fiorina in control of nearly all divisions and aspects of the company. "

And later:

"The key to curbing misconduct by the gods (boards, officers and otherwise) is taking action on observations and concerns of employees, regardless of their level. Listening to employees, realizing their insight and acting on it are three critical parts of a successful ethics program."

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