Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MBA or CFA? has two interesting articles that will especially interest students.

On is on getting an MBA.

How an MBA can help you:
"Credibility. Confidence. A big-picture perspective. Appreciation for other points of view. That's what MBAs say when asked what the degree has done for them.

'It gave me a broad perspective of the business world. How the economy works [and] how my industry works,' says Susan Odegaard Turner"
The second article is on getting a CFA.

Is the CFA right for you?

“When I see a candidate with a CFA, it brings to my mind the seriousness they have in being successful in their career,” says Doug Rickart, division director for Robert Half Financial Services Group in Minneapolis. “You have to have the self-discipline to study for it and stay on task during the three-year process. It adds something to the credentials and really proves your abilities.”
Especially important for students at small schools is the section on the CFA being a "great equalizer".


Yacine said...

I'm somewhat of a passive reader, but I really enjoyed this post particularly. I recently graduated from a small university and passed the CFA Level I exam, but have still had doubts about whether it would be worth continuing or if I should just try to get into a decent MBA program instead. Thanks for the post. :-)

Anonymous said...

When I was hiring new investment research talent as Director of Research, I hired out of MBA programs AND I looked for people with a credit analyst background or progress toward the CFA charter. If they were studying for the CFA exams I knew they were serious about investments. Hence, a CFA designation or an MBA is good but a CFA designation and an MBA is much better. The CFA Institute recently started partnering with various universities ( The partnership indicates that their programs cover 70% or more of the three levels of the CFA Curriculum.
Three of these CFA Partners are part of MBA programs where students manage real portfolios as part of the learning process. They include Boston University, Cornell, and University of Wisconsin ( I am a Director of the program at the UW. I know the individual who oversees the program at Boston University and we compete frequently with Cornell. All three have good programs.