Monday, February 04, 2008

Google Works to Torpedo Microsoft Bid for Yahoo - New York Times

Anyone want to write a case on this one? I'm in, should be fun.

From the NY Times: Google Works to Torpedo Microsoft Bid for Yahoo - New York Times:
"Publicly, Google came out against the deal, contending in a statement that the pairing, proposed by Microsoft on Friday in the form of a hostile offer, would pose threats to competition that need to be examined by policy makers around the world.

Privately, Google, seeing the potential deal as a direct attack, went much further. Its chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, placed a call to Yahoo’s chief, Jerry Yang, offering the company’s help in fending off Microsoft,"
and if that is not enough, they are supposedly lobbying regulators as well. Gee, could they be scared? I think I would be if I were them. Sure Google might be ahead now by a bunch, but things change fast and not in a linear fashion.
"Google’s lobbyists in Washington have also begun plotting how it might present a case against the transaction to lawmakers, people briefed on the company’s plans said. Google could benefit by simply prolonging a regulatory review until after the next president takes office."
All we need is a lawsuit and most of the "so you are in play, how can you fend yourself off" lecture will play out before our eyes which is even more of a reason we should write it into a case study. Contact me if interested.

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