Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Video killed the radio star

Video Killed the radio star, and maybe the class room star too.

With so many online videos to choose, from here are some cool finance videos that will liven the classroom. I would definitely recommend buying the actual video whenever possible. They are all very good!

In the 20th year of the movie Wall Street, it only seems fitting to give a short clip from the movie. Here is "The Greed Speech." Most know of the speech, not everyone knows it is based on an actual commencement address by Ivan Boesky.

A six minute excerpt of Larry the Liquidator's speech from Other People's Money.

Next, a clip from Trading Places (Eddie Murphy's movie) that is great to show the traditional (and quickly dying) trading pits. (can also be used to show how short positions work.)

A clip from A Trillion Dollar bet

A clip from Barbarians at the Gate (PS READ THE BOOK!, it is better ;))

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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