Thursday, May 15, 2008

Foreclosures take an emotional toll on homeowners -

We often talk about emotions affecting finance, this reminds us that the causation goes both ways. Folks it is just money. Definitely not worth killing yourself over as some in article have done.

Foreclosures take an emotional toll on homeowners -
"One in seven homeowners worry that they won't be able to make their mortgage payments on time over the next six months, according to an April Associated Press-AOL Money & Finance poll, and more than one-quarter fear their home will decline in value during the next two years.

ComPsych says financial concerns are now the top issue the firm's counselors are hearing in calls from clients. Calls about financial worries have surged 20% over last year; those related to mortgage problems have doubled.....

'The problem affects the whole spectrum, not just people losing their homes,' says LeslieBeth Wish, a psychologist and social worker in Sarasota, Fla. 'The stress exacerbates what is already there. It brings to the surface problems that were often already there, like marital problems.

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