Monday, June 16, 2008

Sirius-XM: It's about time - Jun. 16, 2008

Might the deal finally get approved? From CNN:
Sirius-XM: It's about time - Jun. 16, 2008:
"The two companies announced their merger nearly 16 months ago. Shareholders approved it in November. Many customers have been eagerly awaiting the chance to sign up for one package that would give it Sirius and XM programming.....And the Department of Justice gave the deal its blessing almost three months ago. So the only hang-up for the merger is a green light from the Federal Communications Commission....According to several published reports today, FCC chairman Kevin Martin has indicated that he would support the deal. The next step is for Martin to call for the remaining members of the FCC to vote on it this week."
From the NY Times:

"If the deal is approved, it would be a major reversal of the commission’s rules, the Post noted: The F.C.C. gave licenses to XM and Sirius in 1997 on the condition that the two satellite companies never merge.

Consumer groups have expressed concern that the merger would allow the combined entity to raise prices." "

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