Monday, November 24, 2008

Two tests=little posting

No, I did not abandon ship. Just been busy. Had a test to give on Saturday and tonight (Monday) and still working with BonaResponds to build a house in Friendship. It is coming along pretty well!

Speaking of BonaResponds, we are starting a small micro-finance program where we will be lending to some of the people we are helping. If you want to give to a great cause (and yes it is a donation, we will continue to turn the money over, but for the time being we do not see it ever going back to donors), just let me know. Any amount will be used.

Also for any of you looking to spend some time helping people recover from Hurricane Ike, BonaResponds will be in Bridge City from January 5-17th. Come on down with us! See for more info.

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