Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Done correcting and break update

Just a fast update on some non finance things:

  1. Grades are in. I wasn't sure if I would get them in by the deadline (and technically missed it but by less than an hour) but it is a relief to have them turned in. It was a very good group this semester. Smaller classes than normal, but the quality was excellent.
  2. Have several papers calling my name over break. To my co-authors, sorry. But you pretty much know that working with me things will take a while longer than expected.
  3. Before the papers however will be BonaResponds. We are going to help out in Bridge City Texas for 12 days (January 5-17th--and yes it is open to you! Come with us if only for a few days, actually if only for a few hours!). We will be helping rebuild after Hurricane Ike did its damage. It is really hard to believe how little coverage the area has been getting due to the election and the financial situation, but these people really need help. We'd love to have you help for as long as you can. And I guarantee you will help if you come! There is something for everyone to do. Contact me at BonaResponds@sbu.edu or see BonaResponds.org for more info.
  4. Locally BonaResponds has several projects going and in fact today in an attempt to recover from correcting, I am going to go spend the day drywalling on a house we are making in Friendship NY. (Yes that is the name of the town!) So any posts will be later today.
To the students and faculty, have a great break! And keep checking the blog. Just because class is over, does not mean learning it :).

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