Monday, May 04, 2009

Jack Kemp in His Own Words -

As a former Buffalo Bills' QB, Jack Kemp was in the news locally all the time. He was a great guy and the country is poorer for his passing this weekend.

The many WSJ op-ed pieces he wrote stand as a testament to his intelligence and economics.

Jack Kemp in His Own Words -
"Congressman Jack Kemp died Saturday at age 73. The following are excerpts from his many op-eds for The Wall Street Journal:

[one of his last ones]

In my opinion, people of all colors and income levels don't hate the rich. They want to get rich. They're more interested in generating wealth than they are in redistributing wealth. They want to own property, educate their children and build a nest egg that can be passed on to their heirs. Unfortunately, some aren't able to access the same ladder of opportunity that is so readily available to the majority. . . .

By giving people access to capital and allowing them to take ownership of assets, entrepreneurship will be encouraged and the cycle of poverty can begin to be broken. All persons should have the opportunity to go as high as their merit and determination can carry them."

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