Friday, May 15, 2009

Yet another Astana Update: Astana changes jersey over money row - VeloNews

Still more on Astana. ANd Livestrong has stated there is a major announcement soon. Stay Tuned.

Astana changes jersey over money row - VeloNews:
"The sun hasn’t set on Astana yet, but the glow of the team’s sponsors has certainly dimmed.

Following a long-running row over the non-payment of the team’s wages, eight of nine riders on the Kazakhstan-sponsored squad started the Giro d’Italia’s seventh stage Friday wearing race jerseys and shorts Friday with the names of the team’s major sponsors virtually faded out.

Astana manager Johan Bruyneel said the protest is the team’s way of demonstrating its frustration that Kazakh sponsors are not fulfilling its contract obligations to the team."

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