Friday, June 05, 2009

Best tweets of past week

Some of the best tweets (or at least my favorites) I have seen this week (not all are finance related)

Wayne Marr is simply amazing. Has so many interesting tweets he may personally be the cause of my total lack of productivity some days. But in a good way :)
A few of his tweets:
  1. Was there Really a #Hawthorne Effect at the Hawthorne #Plant? An Analysis of the Original Experiments
  2. New York Fed: Dudley: A Preliminary Assessment of the TALF
  3. #SSRN #HedgeFunds, #SystemicRisk, and the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Written Testimony, Andy Lo, MIT
  4. #SSRN Miraculous #FinancialEngineering or #Toxic #Finance? The Genesis of the U.S. #Subprime #MortgageCrisis ..
  5. #SSRN - What Drives #Channel Choice in #Grocery #Shopping?
  6. #NBER - Why do #Institutions of #HigherEducation Reward #Research While Selling #Education?
  7. #CorporateGovernance and Market #Liquidity
Tweets from SimoleoneSense
  1. Video: NYU Professor On Understanding The GM Bankruptcy: Its about time I posted a Charlie Rose interview. Video..
  2. Attention! Listen to Miguel Barbosa Interviewed By Real Great Stories.Com: I was recently interviewed on the Rea..
  3. Bank Failures & The Deposit Insurance Fund: Article on FDIC, reserve ratios, & bank failures. Click Here To ..
  4. Weekly Wisdom Roundup #30 (Links You Don’t Want To Miss): If you like these weekly roundups Irecommend sig..

Tweets that are definitely worth reading from @Mises:
  1. Cars and Government: Bad Mix: The former Car Czar of Romania, writing in the WSJ, talks about his experience in ..
  2. Bad News for Our Money: Suppressing market interest rates to the lowest level possible seems to have become a ke..
  3. Defining the Extent of the Market: the Whole Foods Case: Anyone is a monopolist if the market is defined narrowl..
  4. Fed Cannot Withdraw the Money: The Fed has purchased assets at above-market prices, temporarily expanding the mo..

Tweets from @HarvardBiz
  1. Why GM Failed
  2. Management Tip: How to Combine Creativity and Results
  3. Could GM Factories Reinvent Themselves Now as They Did in 1942?
  4. The Daily Stat: An Expanded Role for Finance
  5. Do You Get Paid for Your Time?
  6. Our Approach to Finance
  7. Never Let Your Ego Stop You from Learning
  8. How to Write a Resumé That Doesn't Annoy People
Some Tweets from @Mashable
  1. Mint Takes its Personal Finance Tools to My Yahoo
  2. Time Magazine Explains Twitter -
  3. Congressman Uses Wisdom of Crowds to Redesign Website -
  4. Google Squared: Your Search Results in Spreadsheet Form -
  5. TwitDoc: Drag and Drop File Sharing for Twitter -
  6. If you're new to Twitter, our Twitter how-tos & resources section is the place to start:

Two news items from @CanWire
  1. Microsoft considers moving jobs offshore under Obama tax plan - (
  2. Steve Jobs returns from sick leave - (Telegraph Newspaper)

Assorted other tweets
Less Finance Related
  • From @economicwoman: Reading minutes, I have to wonder if UN agencies would benefit from some artificial scarcity of meetings. Maybe a system of tokens?
Wow. Great idea! I wonder if SBU (where I teach) can do the same!

and then one from me (via BonaResponds)

  • @BonaResponds One of the things I like about Olean, just waited in short line of traffic. The hold up? two dogs walking down middle of the street :)

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