Monday, June 15, 2009

Tweets of the week

Best Tweets of the week

Some of my favorite tweets from the past week in no particular order:


  1. This administration forecast for solar surprised me -- you can barely find it on the chart /lc
  2. The solution to the financial crisis? We have to be more boring:
  3. To continue your Chart-y Friday, a chart of economic growth across income distribution. Courtesy of @freakonomics /mk
  4. More fun charts! Comparing the economies of NAFTA countries /mk
  5. Italian officials seize $134.5 billion in U.S. bonds from two Japanese nationals. Likely fake, but unconfirmed /mk
  6. Took out a mortgage in 2007? There's a 20+% chance you'll default on it says FHA. Thanks to @ananelson for the idea /mk
  7. LA Times:House prices drop 84% in outlying areas of CA. Now cheaper to buy than was in 1989: (RT @ericabiz, et al)
  8. Indicator: Molson cuts free beer (or $1300/person) from retiree's pensions to save $1 million a year. /mk
  9. Intern Matt, Canadian, says he's never heard of "kickball." Apparently they call it "soccer baseball" up there. I feel sort of betrayed /lc
  10. The official rules of the amazing sport of soccer baseball, brought to you by the City of Toronto /mk
Simeonesense: Miguel continues to find amazing content!

  1. How psychological biases can make a mess of our financial decisions.: Here’s a good primer on behavioral f..
  2. Video: Michael Lewis On The End of Wall Street: I just found this Michael Lewis talk . Do not listen to the fir..
  3. Video: The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives: Awesome video (via Cal Tech)…...
  4. Daily Behavioral Bias: Illusion of Control: I have decided to start posting a daily behavioral bias and it’..
  5. Daily Behavioral Bias: The Representative Heuristic: Bias/ Heuristic: Representative Heuristic Quick Definition ..
  6. Daily Behavioral Bias: Overconfidence: Bias: Overconfidence Definition: “People are overconfident. Psycho..
  7. Remembering Peter Bernstein: Peter Bernstein recently passed away. He was one of my favorite writers I read all ..

  1. First Teaser For Michael Moore's Wall Street Movie
  2. Hey New York, Here Comes The Housing Bust
  3. Inflation Will Save Us! Inflation Will Save Us! (1933 Propaganda Film)
  4. CHART OF THE DAY: How Many Big Macs Does A Barrel Of Oil Buy?
  5. Minimum Wage Hike Coming At The Worst Time Possible
  6. Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Bill Gets Majority House Support
  7. 10 Things That Could Still Go Wrong With The Economy (SLIDESHOW)
  8. Report Exposes Federal Reserves $2.1 Trillion Bailout Balance Sheet
  9. Nassim Taleb's Big Idea: There's Too Much Debt Out There

WayneMarr (give him a break, he was on vacation for a few days but still had a ton of great posts!)
  1. Do Environmental Regulations Cause Firms to Exit the Market? ...
  2. Uninsured Americans vs. Insured Canadians: Who is More Satisfied with Their HealthCare?
  3. SSRN Calculating the VIX in #Excel
  4. Tax: States with Low #Beer Taxes Have More #Breweries [causality?]
  5. HBS Blog: Three #Reasons Why Your Resume Ends Up in the Discard Pile job -- GOOD POST
  6. New York Fed: Why Did #FDR's #Bank Holiday Succeed?


  • Ideas at Work: Prof. Brett Gordon looks at @intel & rival AMD to see if competition really begets #innovation:

(answer? Not always!)


  1. The Daily Stat: Education's Effect on Personal Finance
  2. Audio Debate: Are Executives Paid Too Much?
  3. Can We Please Stop Saying the Market is Efficient?
  4. Peter Bernstein's Lasting Lessons
  5. (Good) CEOs Are Underpaid


  • Andrew Umans '10 blogs about #microfinance and a S&L co-op in Ruhiira, Uganda:
  • Does doing good make you more attractive? Yes, it does, so get volunteering! Story w/ research from CBS's Stephan Meier


  1. Why I Expect Serious Stagflation: When doing interviews for my new book on the Great Depression, a natural quest..
  2. Dead Banks Walking: It's widely acknowledged that hundreds if not thousands of banks are on the ropes and just w..
  3. Response to the "Market Failure" Drones: Now that we're living through the bust, on the other hand, many people ..
  • WestPan RT @Convertbond: Paul Volcker, "not an environment in which inflationary pressures are likely for some time to come"
  • EverydayFinanceSome stats from BusinessWeek on auto industry-interesting. US only 3% global mkt-Japan, Gmy each close to 40%
  • researchpuzzler allaboutalpha looks at research showing alpha declined as hedge fund AUM and fund nos. rose, reversal at hand? $$
  • CanWireAre we at Peak Oil? - (
  • Footnoted SEC's Breheny says SEC rules require comp committees to be independent, but independence measure pretty broad #comphearing
  • Lura_Forcum 7 Questions for Richard Posner at the Economist blog: judicial empathy, behavioral economics, stimulus spending, etc.

  • KevinLacroix--New German exec comp law requires execs to pay 1.5% of annual pay toward D&O insurance (HT @kranenburgesq)

  • Kiva So far today: 866 loans have been made on to US entrepreneurs and $29,700 has been lent to support US businesses!
  • Jimmahar (yeah me!) Cool post tying together Time's Are Stocks Still Good for the Long Run? w/ stuff from @zbodie et al.
  • TonyWeaver: New GM chair: "I don't know anything about cars" wonderful.GM not car company anyways,it's a healthcare provider& pension fund
A funny tweet. MikeVaccaro (a SBU grad btw): If Dave Eiland offers no other advice to Joba he must tell him this: "For God's sake, stop watching Wang pitch."

While not a tweet (yes I did tweet it), please read the following post and if you can, make a donation in Jonathan's name.

And I would be remiss if I did not at least mention some of what was going on in Iran. Good luck. I put together a link for my family and friends to keep up with it. Here it is if it helps.

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