Monday, June 22, 2009

Tweets of the week

Tweets of the week (June 22, 2009)

Been on the road some with limited internet access, so this will be a bit unorganized and shorter...

  1. Best NYT business article today in sports section: Golfers hurt themselves by playing it safe /lc
  2. Looks like deflation might not be so scary a threat after all, at least according to the Fed /mk
  3. Brand new podcast: 5 takes on Obamas regulation reform. /jg
  4. AIG wins the prestigious Worst Company in America Award, the Golden Poo /mk

  1. #SSRN East Meets West: A #Cross-Cultural Comparison of #Charismatic Leadership Among #Canadian and #Iranian #Executives
  2. #SSRN What Should #GAAP Look Like?
  3. Blog: "Return Factors" GOOD SUMMARY OF "CASE CLOSED" By Bob Haugen
  4. #CFO: Will the New #FASB Code Change #Accounting?
  5. #SSRN - #Pricing #Model Performance and the Two-Pass Cross-Sectional #Regression #Methodology
  6. NBER: Do Multinationals or Domestic Firms Face Higher Effective Tax Rates?
  1. RT @CatoInstitute: Paul Krugman's gets his history wrong. Very wrong. #FAIL @nytimeskrugman @PaulKrugman
  2. RT @leahita A Recent History of the US Economy! Truly enlightening! #tcot #liberty #C4L (via @codeezra)
  3. Orwell's Time-Tested Warnings By Jeff Jacoby (via @HighPlainsBlogr)
  4. Protectionism, buying only from your immediate kin , i.e. Buy America, China, Canada, like incest, breeds weak-anemic offspring/economies.
  5. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire, rationalist & satirist (1694 - 1778)


clusterstock Goldman Prepares To Pay Biggest Bonuses Ever

clusterstock The Moneyball Movie Gets Scrapped

EverydayFinance Wealthy Nations Investing in Africa. TIME mag

EverydayFinance List of all bank failures to date in 2009 CNBC:

Eco_Feed: Stocks Cheap? Don't Be A Fool: Fund manager John Hussman looks at stock valuations a few different ..

SimoleonSenseDaily Behavioral Bias: The Issue Of Framing: Bias: Framing Quick Definition:(Via Wikipedia & Behavioral Fina..

diane1859: The fightback against 'Nudging' begins - just found fab new paper dissing fashion for behavioral economics, at

Convertbond Too big to fail? I say too big to succeed! 4 biggest US banks control 70% of all assets held by US banks Vs < 50% in 2000! #paulson #economy

Lee Iacocca says the only way to get the US auto industry back to health is to take the keys away from the #government $F GMAC Rescap

mises The Deflating Bubble: The residential meltdown is nowhere close to being over. There is reportedly a million-hou..

thecorplibrary New blog post about "The Future of Corporate Reform" conference: #tclconference

Eric Johnson comments on behavioral economics making an appearance in policy - regulation as intelligent, not intrusive

jimmahar Interesting interview: Geithner by @terrymoran (not T$). Discusses regulation, recovery, and the Fed.

kevinlacroix The Boardroom Guide to Litigation -- analysis of legal climate in all 50 states

Some of little finance content, but:

allafrica Uganda: All Citizens to Get Free Mosquito Nets:

allafrica East Africa: Al-Qaeda Threatens Peace in Region:

KaztheProf If we want to reduce the cost of government then it starts with you...the more we do the less the government will think it has to do!!!

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