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Tweets of the week (Post July 4th edition)

Tweets of the Week.

With the July 4th holiday, travel, and nicer weather this will be a bit shorter than normal (which might be a good thing!)

I even added some of my own tweets near the bottom.

Simoelon Sense. Miguel had an amazingly good week. Literally could have posted almost any of his tweets

  1. Behavioral Economist Richard Thaler: [Talks About How To] Make Mortgages Simpler: If my sources are correct Rich.. http://tinyurl.com/nrayzz
  2. Small Lessons From A Big Crisis - Bank of England Official Says “Banking System Like South Sea Bubble̶.. http://tinyurl.com/lj72ve
  3. US stockmarket returns since 1825: The total return of the S&P 500 index fell by nearly 40% last year, the s.. http://tinyurl.com/rcauhu
  4. Presenting: Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational -Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions: I’ve posted.. http://tinyurl.com/koj45m
  5. When Do Losses Loom Larger Than Gains?: Interesting research on the endowment effect. Click here to Read Dan Ari.. http://tinyurl.com/nm7eby

WayneMarr is back from travels and hits us with many great great posts.

  1. SSRN [Alan Greenspan & James E. Kennedy] Sources and Uses of Equity Extracted from Homes http://bit.ly/16DvYC
  2. [Harvard Law] Executive Summary: Are Independent Audit-Committee Members Objective? http://tinyurl.com/l7wcg9
  3. [Robert Book, Medicare Administrative Costs Are Higher, Not Lower, Than for Private Insurance http://bit.ly/15WLPF
  4. HigherEd: Netflix for college textbooks http://tinyurl.com/lpxacq
  5. SSRN [ECGI] Do Target CEO's Sell Out Their Shareholders to Keep Their Job in a Merger? http://bit.ly/7RPJq
  6. SSRN [ECGI] Pyramids: Empirical Evidence on the Costs and Benefits of Family Business Groups Around the World http://bit.ly/18tx5t
  7. SSRN [ECGI] Why Do Foreign Firms Leave U.S. Equity Markets? http://bit.ly/YULKY

Several from planetmoney

  1. Studies find that messing up the environment isn't that great for the economy /mk http://bit.ly/UmHDE
  2. A listener shares how compensation works in the video game industry./CK http://snurl.com/maodn
  3. “Adult obesity vs. GDP, chart by @GWhit. And yes, Mississippi outpaces (outweighs?) West Virginia, @waitwait /lc http://snurl.com/lnrz8” ----[mmm…is it a chicken or the egg thing?]

Paul Soloman (from PBS)

  1. Headline: Reader Response: The Uncounted Unemployed http://tinyurl.com/oe86nj
  2. Headline: Why Are Christmas Tree Stands Different in NYC? http://tinyurl.com/mmppp7 (Robert Frank)
  3. Great Cornell economist Robert Frank joins the Bus Desk for a regular feature: Economic Naturalist.Should be fun. http://tinyurl.com/9sftz5

Other great tweets:

Zbodie: Washington Post "The Case for Safer Saving Defaults" http://bit.ly/3QkyP

WestPanMauldin outside the box. Niels Jensen makes the case for deflation instead of inflation. I'm leaning that way myself. http://bit.ly/jg8h5

EverydayFinance Like a Million "How To" links on personal finance, career, savings tips, etc. Great roundup! http://tinyurl.com/ogfzvm

EconomicWoman: Unexpected: Russia, China, and Brazil are pushing a new global reserve currency onto the G8 agenda. http://tinyurl.com/l3s9u6

Columbia_BizProf Harris discusses the debate over fair-value and mark-to-market accounting rules in Public Offering - http://tinyurl.com/n8tb9h.

WallStSourceMuni bonds feel US states' fiscal stress, Borrowing costs rise for all issuers http://wssource.com/~7RgKdV...

Footnoted: Listening in on SEC open meeting now on executive comp. Comm Casey speaking now and says she won't support http://bit.ly/rAY3

KimSnider Recession - a period of time when dreams can be bought at rock bottom prices

My own favorites (Jimmahar)
  1. Fascinating evidence on what has led to Foreclosure Crisis http://bit.ly/MZJhJ
  2. Intentional Info Asymmetries to keep taxpayers in the dark? From WSJ: Public Pensions Cook the Books http://cli.gs/SLygT
  3. The Simpsons' version of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead: http://tinyurl.com/pu89ca
  4. REALLY!? Scary! Source pls. RT @WestPan"Tax cuts are a waste of money.Govt can spend tax money better than any consumer...." -Krugman
  5. RT @esgriskguy Interesting interview on economic system issues with Black Swan's Nassim Taleb on CNBC http://tinyurl.com/ld6yod
  6. RT @MRkumi, @TuckerPeterson: Shortly after 12pm on July 8, comes 12:34:56 7/8/9. Happens only once a century
  7. So early but so exciting! What a finish! How is this not better than the Super Bowl? And I really really like football! #TDF #Livestrong

Lower finance content:

mashableToo Busy To Read Tweets? Try Twitter For Busy People - http://bit.ly/dHW6a

titeyogarunnerRT @WomensHealthMag: They say meditating adds years to your life. Here's the quick and easy way to do it, expert or not: http://twurl.nl/0os

EconomicWoman: If you're not interested in the G8, might I suggest http://twittersnooze.com/ rather than a permanent unfollow? 4 days should do the trick.

EverydayFinance: Intel's Barret-original and effective! "Any American kid who wants to get a driver’s license has to finish high school." http://bit.ly/5H9rU

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