Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Catching up on some things...

Seems like I am always behind in everything in my life. (indeed I remember after being cut from the Basketball team my freshman year that my mom said that about me--"It always takes you longer than others."  Uh, thanks Mom.)  But anyways, here are a few things that have been accumulating in my inbox:

* Long time FinanceProfessor.com reader  Phil Maybin has started Algorithmic Finance a new academic journal that looks fascinating.  In his words; " Our aim is to bridge computer science and finance, with topics like high frequency finance, agent-based finance, issues of complexity, and some behavioral finance, to the extent it is research on the algorithms of individual investors."

* Phil also pointed me to a very interesting piece on the twitter paper I mentioned the other day.  I think I took the twitter piece more as in interesting article that may not have all that much financial bite, but still interesting to the degree it suggests mood matters.   Richard Warr gives a better (and much more rigorous) analysis of it on his Finance Clippings Blog.

* The use of credit cards by college students is a regularly discussed topic on many blogs.  My take is that every student should have a credit card, but not that every student should use it.  They should be paid off on a monthly basis.  For a more thorough analysis of this see this interesting piece over at CollegeCrunch.

* At the FMA conference a couple of weeks ago had a nice talk with the Unknown Professor from Financial Rounds.  He suggested I point out his videos.  For instance here is one on the time value of money.  Great review for those who need it!

* The Southern Finance Association's Annual meeting is coming up.  If you have not reserved a place, You should soon!  The SFA's are usually very good.  I don't make it to them every year but plan on going this year.

* I am reading What Investors Really Want by Meir Statman.  He will be interviewed on FinanceProfessor December 7th.  It is an interesting look at some lessons from Behavioral Finance.  

*  The Money Management course that I oversee (can't really say teach since the leaders do so much of it themselves) is called SIMM--Students In Money Management.)  The TV commercial has been in high play of late.  Or at least it must be as I hear about it every time I go anywhere in town.  The portfolio is now up to $186,000 and we just started a new twitter account.  Follow us to see what we are up to! 
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Phil Maymin said...

Thanks Jim, but to be clear, that analytical piece on FinancialClippings about Twitter, while indeed a good read, is not by me, but by Richard Warr: