Thursday, November 04, 2010

Enjoy Today and Save More Tomorrow - Yahoo! News

Enjoy Today and Save More Tomorrow - Yahoo! News:

"In the program, which is designed to be offered by employers, people agree ahead of time to contribute to a retirement plan, and to have their contributions automatically increased regularly, corresponding with when they receive payraises. The first implementation of Thaler and Benartzi's system involved a midsized manufacturing company; over 28 months, the average saving rates of those in the program increased more than threefold, from 3.5% to 11.6%. Interestingly, the minority of employees who opted not to enroll in the plan had originally saved, on average, more than those who signed up -- 5.3% of their income, as opposed to 3.5%. But after the 28 months, the longtime savers only increased that rate to 7.5%, far less than the participants' 11.6%."
This is the article on the Save More Tomorrow program we talked about in class.

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