Friday, November 19, 2010

A Half-Dozen Essential "Business" Books : The D & O Diary

A former student sent me this. I confess I have not read that many of them, hence this post is a reminder to myself as well as a suggestion to others.

A Half-Dozen Essential "Business" Books : The D & O Diary:
"I figure that no one really needs me to suggest the usual fare from the business section at the book store, like, for example, The Smartest Guys in the Room or Liar’s Poker. If those books interest you, by all means, read them.

The problem with the vast run of business books is that they rarely aim for anything higher. To find anything of more lasting value, you must look elsewhere. So my suggested 'business' books won’t be found in the business section, and in fact may not necessarily meet anybody’s idea of what constitutes a business book. But these books have more to say about the business of life and the life of business than the more conventional fare."

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