Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Video - Is Insider Trading Everywhere? - WSJ.com

Video - Is Insider Trading Everywhere? - WSJ.com: "WSJ's Dennis Berman discusses with colleague Evan Newmark a lawsuit filed by a retailer in Florida alleging that a research house stole trade secrets and published sensitive inside information about the company."

From the WSJ online:

"Big Lots alleges the firm pried information out of store managers, in effect stealing trade secrets and aiding and abetting employees' breach of fiduciary duty. It has asked the court for an injunction to immediately stop what it calls "wrongfully induced" snooping."

This is clearly one-sided, BUT it definitely does deserve more attention.  To me, if you ask a question and the other party tells you, that is not theft.  Of course there may be more to the story, but this one could put research back quite a ways. 

(Note to Big Lots: I do not think you do not want me on your jury.)
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