Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Unraveling the mystery of why we give, or don't -

Unraveling the mystery of why we give, or don't -
"Exactly how the complicated workings of the brain stimulate or suppress giving and how families, co-workers and values affect generosity remain a mystery despite years of study. The University of Notre Dame is leading a new research initiative that will merge economic, sociological, neurological and psychological studies to explain why some people give and some don't and to create a new academic field."
The article goes on to lay out various theories of why people give. Including:
"Omri Gillath is trying to learn whether "attachment security" — an internal sense we are worthy of love and people support us — is one cause of generosity.

Gillath, a social psychology professor at the University of Kansas, says attachment security is formed in childhood when we seek caregivers, starting with our mothers, to protect us. People who have been neglected or rejected by caregivers can develop attachment insecurity."

So much for strictly dollar and sense decisions!

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cv said...

Gillath was true with this. interesting points to take a note of and have shared this with facebook!