Monday, January 28, 2013

aiCIO - A Neurology Lesson for Money Managers

Chief Investment Officer-CIO - A Neurology Lesson for Money Managers:

Nice short list (8 points) on how neuroeconomics effects money managers from Paul Zak.

"The crossover applications between neurology and economics don’t end there. In fact, an entire discipline has sprung up in their midst: neuroeconomics. Two leaders in this field have teamed up and crafted a list of the eight crucial takeaways from neuroeconomics for money managers.

According to Paul Zak, the head of a center for neuroeconomics at Claremont Graduate University, and Steven Sapra, a finance professor the University of Southern California, these are the key points of neuroeconomics for money managers:"
The first three points:

1. Anticipating rewards (you can get addicted to the "rush")
2. Balancing risks (you tend to take bigger chances after some success)
3. Wait for it (Delaying gratification can be difficult)

Great article.  Definitely will appear on some tests this semester! :)

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