Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Kill the 30-Year Mortgage - Bloomberg

Kill the 30-Year Mortgage - Bloomberg:

Bloomberg makes an interesting call for more adjustable mortgages that reduce the boom and bust cycles in real estate: 
"New homes are being built at the fastest rate in years and prices are increasing across the country....

What’s wrong with this picture? None of this would be possible without massive government support. Today, the government owns or guarantees about 90 percent of new mortgages, up from about 50 percent in the mid-1990s. It isn’t sustainable, let alone fiscally acceptable, for the U.S. to have such a domineering presence in what should be a private-sector function."

One more look in:

"The U.S. must figure out a way to better manage these risks if it is to turn housing back over to the private sector. Fortunately, economists have lots of ideas. The common theme is that mortgage principal should be keyed to economic conditions, and monthly payments should rise and fall proportionately. These features ensure that borrowers have a stake in repaying their loans, while also making it easier for them to do so when times get tough."

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