Sunday, August 04, 2013

Why do I care?

I posted this on Facebook and then decided it was enough finance related to post here as well.

Yes, it is their money (donated by Phil Knight). Yes, they can spend their money in anyway they see fit. No, they are not the only ones to go "overboard".

I concede my "overboard" tends to be significantly less than other people's "just right". And I even bet that the fancy "football complex" will help recruitment (opulence sells), but its almost mind boggling excess sends another message and frankly makes me feel at least a little guilty about liking college football (sports).

The worst thing is I don't know why I feel guilty. It's not the sports aspect; I would feel just as guilty if the building were a new School of Business/Science/Education/Hospital or orphanage. It is the excess.

And yet why? If they want to have a bonfire and burn their money, it is none of my business (ignoring money supply and pollution effects). So why do I care? Strike up another one to behavioral finance I guess.

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