Saturday, October 02, 2004

GREAT IDEA!!! Jump Start International

This is not a typical blog entry, but it does bring finance and business into a much better light and helps to reduce the unemployment in Iraq. I sure hope it is legit. It is almost too good to be true.

Those of you who have been subscribers for a while probably remember my editorial on how finance could help in the war against terrorism. By providing the funding necessary to improve the economies of the nations while (and this is important) opening the institutions and markets. Now of course safety is a MAJOR concern and no business would currently open operations in Iraq. But a charity is doing just that. JumpStartInternational.

To quote their website: "Our programs hope to spur employment and the generation of private businesses and public opportunity." BRAVO!

Currently, the group is doing is working to clean and rebuild after years of destruction, wars, and more recent looting and burning. Almost all of the employees are previously unemployed Iraqis.

Unfortunately, this work is dangerous (A co-founder was assassinated and many workers were injured in a bomb explosion), but getting people back working and fixing up their nation is invaluable work.

As an aside, it was interesting to hear the remaining founder Sean O'Sullivan tell how he pays about a third of what government organizations are paying for supplies---mmm, maybe incentives matter after all ;) There, finance content :)

Anyways, I highly recommend having a look at what they are doing.

FWIW, I was so excited I wanted to donate immediately but I could not find a spot to donate online. I did email them and will let you know if I get a reply. In the interim, from their website:

You can help financially. Send checks payable to JumpStart International

JumpStart International, 6800 West Gate Blvd, Ste 132Mailstop PMB #123Austin, TX 78745

They also have a blog to allow us to keep up to date on what they are doing.

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Esther Michaels said...

Thank you for your support and appreciation of the work JumpStart International is doing in Iraq. Please note that we have opend administrative offices in Atlanta, Ga. The updated address to send your contributions is:
JumpStart International
Attn: Esther Michaels
730 Peachtree Street
Suite 570
Atlanta, GA 30308
We are launching a new website within the month, so please continue to check our progress at Thank you.