Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Finance and Economics podcasts

I have been using podcasts in class and I highly recommend that you do as well!  (or if you are no longer in class, enjoy and learn on your own!)

Here are some of my favorites that are all pre-approved for extra credit assignments:

Approved Podcasts (all also available on iTunes)

  1. Planet Money.  So well done.  I have to remind myself they have a staff of people and a budget.  I do not have either. :)
  2. Masters in Business: Finance related.  Tend to be a little more “hard core” finance. My personal favorite
  3. Market Place--a bit “newsier” but well done
  4.  So many GREAT interviews!
  5. Freakonomics--read the book (I like it better, but still many great episodes).
  6. CGD -- great interviews.  Mainly economics
     6. LSE public lectures
     7.  More or Less.  deals more with stats but very well done

Interested in my own podcasts?  

FinanceProfessor (Really just class audio, NOT YET a true podcast: 

BonaResponds:   (My favorite!)

Updated January 2016

Another great one: