Thursday, March 24, 2016

CEO Pay: What is what is sometimes hard to determine

Offers a fascinating look at CEO pay that notes the difficulty in determining exactly how (or why) the CEO is paid as (s)he is.

A look in:

"For researchers seeking to understand CEO pay, the
opacity of some of these instruments is of practical
interest. Salary and bonus payments are the least
opaque; they are just cash payments. But even with
these simple instruments, investors and researchers
do not fully understand the incentives involved
without better information. The way in which future
wage and bonus payments depend on the performance
of the executive is key, and such details are
not usually disclosed: What leads to a salary increase
or bonus payout, or the lack of one?"

Major Trends:
* more market-based pay
* within the market-based pay component, more restricted shares

(FYI This is perfect for my class and its regular assignment of analyzing two companies exectutive compensation practices)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Buffett vs the Hedge Funds

This is the podcast I was speaking about in class the other day: