Monday, May 09, 2011

The Year's Highest Paid CEOs -

The Year's Highest Paid CEOs -
"The median value of salaries, bonuses and long-term incentive awards for CEOs of 350 major companies surged 11% to $9.3 million, according to a study of proxy statements conducted for The Wall Street Journal by management consultancy Hay Group."

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rodney Paul on the Dodgers' payroll problems

Did you hear this?

Still, sports commentator Jon Weinbach says don't worry too much about the players.
Jon Weinbach: What would happen if the Dodgers missed payroll is Major League Baseball would fund them -- essentially taking money from all the other owners. So in effect, every owner in major league baseball would be funding the L.A. Dodgers.
Weinbach says McCourt has seriously cut back spending on the team. Rodney Paul, sports economist at St. Bonaventure University, says that's sent the wrong message.
Rodney Paul: It's just you don't want to have a team give the signal that we don't care about winning. As soon as you do that, most fans are not going to be able to justify spending the money to go out to the park.
There are reports the team's attendance is down 12 percent.
Paul: To be able to not have that be generated hurts not just the Dodgers but the league overall -- television ratings, ticket sales, etc.

BTW I am biased as Rodney is a good friend, but he is leaving SBU for Syracuse.  It is going to be a big loss!

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