Thursday, October 28, 2004

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A few weeks ago I apologized that because of a lack of time and the proliferation of anti-spam software, the newsletter was not really working as I had hoped. Thus, I offered my view that the blog was the future. Not surprisingly, I had a few complaints from those who liked the newsletter format better.

However, I also got a few subscribers saying that they would like more news (instead of reviewing academic articles. To this I would say that there are so many good sites out there, I am not sure what value I can add. Specifically, I suggest the NY Times Deal Book which is how I start most days. Sign up for it!! It is free and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

That said, I know many of you are also interested in accounting stories, so I would like to suggest the Financial Accounting Blog and the newsletter from Both are very informative and interesting! I read the blog through my MYYahoo page and have subscribed to the AccountingWEB weekly newsletter!

BTW, no I do not get anything for these plugs, I am just trying to help! And to lessen the complaint letters that I get! ;)

Time to run!


Anonymous said...

Jim, the Link the the NY Deal Book doesnt work. Can you fix that for us?

FinanceProfessor said...

it is fixed...sorry about that...

the dealbook is really good...samples from all papers etc...daily.

hope you like it :)