Friday, February 18, 2005

SSRN expands database :)

There is research site that I use more than SSRN so I was glad to get the following from Michael Jensen:

SSRN's Economic Research Network is pleased to
announce that theWorld Bank will now post their working papers in SSRN's Government & Public Agency Research Paper Series. This new series enables Government & Public Agencies to disseminate their research worldwide and to encourage the exchange of ideas about development issues, governance, and their relation to the behavior and performance of banks, the structure of the U.S. banking system, and other national banking systems as well as the international banking
system, and the interaction between financial institutions and the real economy.

The new World Bank Research Paper Series (which now contains over 1,900 working papers) can be viewed at the [...]:

SSRN's searchable electronic library contains
abstracts, full
bibliographic data, and author contact information for
more than
88,000 papers, over 46,500 authors, and full text for
over 62,000
papers. The elibrary can be accessed at

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