Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A quick look at the Bernie Ebbers case

Of course there is just a ton of coverage on the Bernie Ebbers' conviction today. If you have somehow missed it: He was found guilty on all charges and faces up to 85 years in jail (although USAToday reports 25 years is more likely.

Some interesting quotes from various sources:

  • "John Coffee, an expert in securities law at Columbia University. "But the 'CEO as dupe' defense did not sell. Ultimately, the jury did not believe Ebbers."
NY Times:
  • "The jury clearly concluded that the testimony of Mr. Sullivan was more credible than that of Mr. Ebbers, even though the jurors did not fully believe Mr. Sullivan either, according to Peter Nulty, the father of Sarah Nulty, juror No. 10. Mr. Nulty posted his daughter's views of the jury's deliberations at, a financial newsletter's Web site, last night, writing that "no one on the jury trusted the testimony of the prosecution's star witness."
CNN: On Ken Lay and the others who have to stand trial in coming months
  • "Clearly any one of these individuals is looking at these trials and this verdict and thinking 'My god. What is going to happen to me?'" said Stanley Twardy, a former U.S. attorney in Connecticut who is now a partner in Day, Berry & Howard."

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