Tuesday, August 16, 2005

CareerJournal | Retirement Plans - Retirement Planning - Pension Plans

CareerJournal | Retirement Plans - Retirement Planning - Pension Plans

This past Sunday the Buffalo News ran an article by the Wall Street Journal's Kelly Greene on the problem facing many retirees who expected their expenses to drop more than they have. The short version of the article was that because of more traveling, more consumer spending, and higher energy bills, post retirement expenses are often more then expected. Thus, old rules of thumb that suggest 50% to 75% of preretirement expenses be the norm for retirement planning may be too conservative.

Unfortunately I can not find the article online. However, I did find many other articles by Greene and others on the WSJ CareerJournal retirement page. It is highly recommended!

A few articles that I found particularly interesting include a look at Nolan Ryan's retirement, an article on advice from recent retirees saying to start planning now!, and an article showing that when portfolios drop many retirees go back to work.

Note: they are not all new (indeed some are 4 years old), but the advice and pointers they give are largely timeless.


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