Friday, June 09, 2006

Interesting Searches

I have been meaning take a look back at some interesting articles previously blogged for a while and I guess a quiet Friday is as good of time as any.

This is made MUCH easier with the blogspot search feature (top of blog) which is finally working correctly. For instance, a quick search of IPOs yields a look back on 10 articles that have been blogged over the past year. Some of the articles are even more interesting the second time around and the entire collection of search results will be added to my class notes section on IPOs. (feel free to do the same).

IPOs: Some of the articles I had not thought of in a while include a paper on branding and IPOs, analyst coverage following the IPO, and the relation between liquidity and long-term underperformance.

CEO PAY, Behavioral Finance, and Capital Structure also yield interesting searches!

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