Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from Mississippi and Louisiana again

Some of you wondered why I have been quiet for a while, well I was in Biloxi helping out. It was my fourth time to the Gulf and I really can not stress the fact that there is still much much much work to be done down in the region.

I would urge you all to try to get down there, if only for a few days. You will not only do much good work helping others in ways you never dreamt of, but also will come back exhausted and re-energized. HIGHLY recommended! A truly eye-opening (and mind altering) experience.

If you would like to know more, or know where and how to volunteer, do not hesistate to contact me or check out the BONARESPONDS hurricane page (which I will try to find some time to update). Also for an idea of what it is like there, I suggest my hurricane related blog.

PS I will be uploading many pictures of this recent trip over the next few days. They will be posted at my flickr account, but also linked off of the Boanresponds page.

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